Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hello all,

That was a great class Thursday. I look forward to doing translations of: Greek, Russian, Spanish (especially the Borges), Schwitters and other sound poets, mathematical equations, and more to come!

Remember there is no class this week, and then the week after we'll be attending this: It costs $7, but I'll call when I get back to see if we can get a better group rate. Also, if you change your minds as a group and would rather workshop instead, let me know--I'm flexible.

The assignment for Nov. 9th is to write a poem using only words of non-English derivation. Remember, julep is derived from Persian, gul, a rose and ab, water. The verdict on the is that it is derived from that which is of Teutonic origin. Whew! For those of you who swapped poems for translation, you're translating English to English, but otherwise, do whatever you want! Nina will also be bringing in Greek poetry to translate, so if you can pick up a Greek dictionary from a library or something, that would be very helpful.

The Waldrop and Cole essays, along with a slew of other pieces on translation, including my own on translating Symbolist French poetry, is available at

I'm still searching for the Cecilia Vicuna links, but haven't quite hit on them yet (I'm certainly being taken some interesting places though! I never knew there was an Orange County Leather Association). Will post when I complete the quest.

OK, I'm off to Madison now! Have a wonderful week and see you in two.



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