Wednesday, November 01, 2006

poets house

Hi Stephanie (and everyone),

Yes, I am back and we are going to the Poets House event this Thursday with Quebecois poet and translator Nathalie Stephens. ( this Thursday. We'll just meet there at 7 pm. It's located at 72 Spring St., between Lafayette and Broadway (or Crosby, to be precise), and practically next to the Spring Street stop of the 6 train. Bring probing questions about translation!

I'm still negotiating some sort of a group rate, but they say they can do "something," so when you get there, say you're part of my translation workshop and hopefully we'll get a bit of a discount. They're very excited we're coming.

In the meantime, I found a fun resource to use in your translation exercises. Check it out:

Also, PEN is a great resource for seeing what's going on with international writers (especially political issues) and they seem to have some translation-related events coming up.

OK, looking forward to seeing you all Thursday at Poets House!



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