Monday, November 06, 2006


Hi everyone,

That was a really interesting talk by Nathalie Stephens on Thursday. She spoke a lot about the "failure" of translation, and how it impacts the body/gender. She left a lot of space, I felt, for productive interpretation/discussion.

After Nathalie's reading, Lydia brought up the issue of non-fluent poets translating, which I'd definitely like to discuss more, so I asked Rachel Levitsky, who has worked on poems by Zhang Er, to visit on November 30th, to visit and talk about how/why she translates from a language she doesn't speak.

Now, this week we're scheduled to translate GREEK! So if you can get your hands on some Greek dictionaries (modern, right Nina?), please do, as that would be very helpful. Remember also to bring in your english-to-english translations of your fellow poets' poems (and the Mallarme/Baudelaire translations of Poe, too, if you remember).

OK, see you Thursday!


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