Monday, November 13, 2006


Remember that our workshop will be in the Parish Hall this Thursday (Nov. 16th). We'll have Eugene Ostashevsky visiting to talk about how he translated the OBERIU poets for his new anthology of Russian Absurdism. I just e-mailed the jpegs for the missing pages from selections of the OBERIU poets, so let me know if you had any trouble receiving them. I added one more poem that Eugene requested we look at: "Rug/Hydrangea" by Alexander Vvedensky. Tony will also be bringing in some Russian translations (or Russian to translate) for us.

But that's all after we finish Seferis!! (Thank you, Nina.)

I wanted to let you know about a couple of translation events this weekend. First is the Festival of Contemporary Japanese Women Poets from Nov. 15 to 17. Participants are Ryoko Sekiguchi, Takako Arai, Kiriu Minashita, Kyong-Mi Park, and Sawako Nakayasu, along with Cole Swensen and Rosa Alcalá (who are both incredible translators--Cole of French poets and Rosa of Cecilia Vicuna). For the schedule and more information, visit or .

And then, there's the New York Literary Translation Festival, which runs from November 16 (but you can't miss class for it!) to November 18. This appears to be primarily focused on Romanian poetry. For more information and the full schedule, go to . One intriguingly titled event is on Saturday from 1:00–2:45 on "How to translate, how to get translations published, and how to get paid for what you do – an open discussion and symposium" with Edward Foster as moderator and the following talks:
• John High, poet and noted translator, “Multiple Ways in which the Translation of Literary Works Can Be Accomplished”
• Murat Nemet-Nejat, theorist and distinguished translator, “Translating the Ambience of a Culture within a Literary Work”
• Andrey Gritsman, poet, essayist, editor of Interpoezia, “Stranger at Home”
• Adam Sorkin, Distinguished Professor of English, Penn State University, “Translating Romanian Poetry”

OK, our translation cups overfloweth. See you Thursday.


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