Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nypoesi, an online poetry journal out of Norway, has just posted part 1 of two issues on translation at According to their "leder," which apparently means "editorial," (take me to your "leder"?) they are interested in translation that is a way of writing--I like, I liiiiike! (to quote Danny Kaye in The Inspector General). Ooooh, and they've even got extensive comments by the translators (who include folks like Rodrigo Toscano, Vincent Broqua and Kristofer Flensmarck), giving us all sorts of inside information on how the translations were accomplished (although I must admit in being disappointed in one contributor's explanation of how he used Babelfish--like nobody's ever done that before!). Next issue is forthcoming in March.

See you all at John's in a few weeks!


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