Friday, September 18, 2009


I won't be speaking on translation--instead, I'll be speaking on race and ecopoetics--and there isn't a "translation panel," exactly, but there are lots of inter-language-related events at the upcoming Advancing Feminist Poetics & Activism (ADFEMPO) conference next week. There's a panel centered around Hélène Cixous, 33 years later (has it really been so long?), another on multilingual poetics, yet another on hybridity and Asian American Poetics (including some talk on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's video poems and traditional Japanese zuihitsu). In fact, the entire conference opens with a discussion between "orature" and "literature," which I'm sure will provocatively address the varied and various translinguations between speech and writing.

Anyway, yrs truly will be spouting off Friday morning from 10 to 11:45, and the coordinates are the English Department Lounge, CUNY Grad Center, which is located on 5th Ave. between 34th and 35th streets in Manhattan (don't be thrown by the Bergen St., Brooklyn, address at the bottom of the page--it's a trick!). Hope to see you there. Bring questions!