Monday, December 11, 2006

the holidays

Hi everyone,
Our schedule is a little wonky because of the holidays, so I wanted to post when our next few meetings are (and aren't) going to be.

OK, we agreed that we're not meeting 12/21 or 12/28, so after our class this Thursday (the 14th), our next class will be January 4th. Since I missed a class in October, this means our last class will be pushed two more weeks, with the workshop ending January 18th. I'm not sure the Poetry Project will be able to accommodate us (since the class is supposed to end Jan. 4th), but we'll work out something if not.

This Thursday, we're going to work on Russian translations brought in by Tony, and also look at some non-linguistic (or at least nonhuman) translations of flowers by Paula Claire. Then after our long holiday, we'll be looking at Borges brought in by Andres (if you weren't in class last week to get the handout, let me know and I'll bring in extra copies this Thursday).

See you all soon!


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